Ladies Watches Under $10,000

Ladies Watches Under $10,000

You would never know it by today's bro-centric collectors' culture, but the wristwatch was initially invented for women and worn almost exclusively by women for its first 100 years of existence — except for Alberto Santos-Dumont. He wore his trusty Cartier while flying his plane. After a century of being overtaken and overshadowed by an outstanding array of men's watches, women's time has come again. Women's watches now come with purpose-built movements, intelligent design, and high-end finish, making them as collectible as men's.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, here at Your Watch, we bring three watches in stock for under $10,000.

Mothers are known for their fight and their impact on our lives. We learn some of the essential lessons from our mother, such as brushing our teeth, making our beds, and the right way to save money, to name a very few bullet points of your number one lady's impact on your life.

But is it just us, or is she the most complicated person to get a gift for? Money is always a good alternative, but the effort of just giving cash doesn't measure up to mom's effort to get you through the most challenging times of your life.

To help you through this dilemma, we listed below three beautiful watches under $10,000 that can represent the essential times you had with your mom, whether it was a harsh lesson or a significant smile.

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